What started out as some fun making simple leather sling bags and selling them to the local ladies in the bay (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) turned into a CRAZY passion of making ALL types of leather things.

Having a background in Interior design and fashion - I consider myself an unconventional creative, a lover of leather and I don’t sit well in a box – Actually I don’t do boxes, I don’t think inside the box and I don’t think outside the box … I don’t even know where the box is, LOL! Mixing the elements and creating Crazy cool stuff is my thing.

Who doesn’t love a leather bag (ooh that smell just gets me excited and stirs my nostalgia!)? A bag that is authentic, practical and doesn’t cost the price of a whole cow, literally, LOL! That was the idea!

So, in 2017 CRAZY COW was born – The focus was on keeping it fun, simple, real and affordable. All goods needed to be of high-quality, handcrafted from full grain bovine (cow) leather only, unlined and minimal fittings were to be used in the makeup of all our products – Simple! Also, all leather and materials needed to be sourced from local tanneries in the area who subscribe to sustainable farming practises.

Next was finding a hands-on local leather artisan to help me with the production – I needed someone who was skilled in the leathercraft and one that I could trust to bring the Crazy to life!

I was most lucky in finding a chap, through a friend of mine in the local industry, and he came highly recommended for what I needed. Rustin Bowers is his name, a skilled second-generation leather worker, from Port Elizabeth. He learnt his skill from his Dad at a young age and quickly discovered a love and knack for making leather things. Hard times hit them after his Dad lost his job but that prompted them to open their own leather goods business, in the northern area of PE, which Rustin still runs today.

Rustin had the Crazy eye and got my vision - All the products would be designed by myself and then made up by Rustin and his local crew. The perfect partnership was formed.

The Crazy grew from making sling bags, to tote bags, wallets, wine carriers, crossbodies and clutches, together with many other awesome leather goods to name just a few. We were truly blessed to have created a bunch of crazy happy customers along the way too! We then had a request for men’s wallets and started making up goods for all the super cool guys out there. We wanted everyone to own a piece of our CRAZY! So, we started making up leather goods for both men and women.

Our next chapter is still in the making and the fun continues to this day. We are still committed to offering timeless, meticulosly handcrafted leather goods, unparalleled services and the most competitive prices around.

We are passionate about who we are and super excited to share our CRAZY Cow Collections with the world. Remember that by purchasing an amazing handcrafted Crazy Cow product you are also contributing to the uplift-meant of the disadvantaged communities in Southern Africa.

Keep following us and "Don’t be afraid to let your CRAZY show!"

Zilla Moorcroft,
The Crazy Creative behind the brand.